jose_luisJosé Luis Sanchez Balsera - As a native of Jaen Province, his guiding couples a life-long enthusiasm for nature in these parts, with unrivalled expert knowledge gained over many years as government biologist for the region. A wonderfully acute perception and great ID skills will bring clarity to your immediate observations along with the sort of interpretive guiding that allows you to get the big picture.
Co-founder of Sierra-Trek, combining conservation, education and nature tourism initiatives, José Luis is also a keen nature photographer and contributor to numerous publications. Well-liked and enormously respected, he's genuinely one of the good guys.

José Luis Writes: " I,m really pleased to be able to work with Spanish Nature and have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for nature.
As a child, I lived down on the banks of the River Guadalquivir - my dad was a manager at the hydro-electric dam. Fun was a journey of discovery in a world of bugs, birds, and the rest. Stuff like that shapes you, and basically my studies and professional life have just been a continuation of those early experiences. Nowadays, I firmly believe responsible nature tourism is an effective way of getting conservation on the social-political agenda locally, and I think people enjoying holidays with us bring positive change by so doing, and of course, have a great time too!"