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Spanish Nature are different from other Companies offering birding Holidays on the following important points:

High quality and comfort of accommodation, food, transport and all other aspects of the tour are as important to us as the birding itself.

We provide alternative programs. Spanish Nature understands that when a couple travel together, sometimes one has less interest in the actual birding and prefers to enjoy other aspects of the visited holiday destination.

Travelling together as friends, this is our philosophy, because we want to enjoy the tour as much as you and we also want to be an integral part of the group.

Our birding guides are of an extremely high standard, maybe this is not necessary to say, but of course we want to assure you, that you will really see all possible birds.

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black-wheatear1Bird Watching & Scenic Day Tours in Serrania de Ronda





More nature trips in Spain?

A unique and diverse habitat

bonellis-warbler1Whether you enjoy spectacular scenery or fauna and flora, then this personally guided birdwatching tour of the Serranía de Ronda and Sierra de Grazalema is for you! With mountains and hills predominately of limestone, the bio-diversity of the Serranía and Sierras is stunning. From rocky outcrops, mountaintop and valleys, the birding tour will take you through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Spain. Birds of interest are virtually guaranteed, though of course time of year and the weather, will dictate the number and type of bird species you will see. Accompanied by your own expert t birding our guide, you will waste no time searching for those elusive ‘best bird areas’. Your birding guide will be able to assist beginners and discuss the area with visiting experienced birders. So whatever your level of expertise, there will be much to reward your birding trip.





Author of Walking in Andalucia, Guy Hunter Watts, recently wrote:
Peter Jones is a nature guide based close to Ronda, who leads groups and individuals throughout the province. He also leads guided birding tours to other parts of Spain, Morocco and many other destinations (Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Kenya, Gambia e.o.) worldwide. The author can not speak too highly of Peter’s birding excursions. A natural communicator, Peter has that rare ability of conveying specialist knowledge in a way that’s accessible to one and all. A day in his company offers a unique insight into the extraordinarily diverse birdlife of southern Spain and would dovetail perfectly with your walks in and around Ronda and Grazalema.







Price details Birding Day - Tour:



Every day, 7 days a week, all year round


From 10.00 am to 16.00 pm. Longer hours by arrangement.

Price 2010:

42 Euros p.p. (minimum 2 persons or price equivalent 84 Euros)


Free collection from your accommodation in the Ronda area (15km radius), transport, use of telescope


Costs for lunch and drinks. Meal time stop over at a "local" Restaurant.


Minimum 2, maximum 4 fellow travellers. Larger groups by prior arrangements

alpine-accentor1Why choose a day trip with Spanish Nature?

  • A highly personalised guided birding tour with a birding guide who enjoys the subject as much as you.
  • Through experienced guide, go straight to where the birds are, no wasted time!
  • Limited numbers of clients each day gives you the attention of the birding guide.
  • Expert or beginners welcomed.
  • Stop overs in any of the villages by majority consent!
  • Extra time added where requested by the majority of those on tour.
Plus... we  treat you as friends sharing a common interest.




For Bookings you can contact us or by telephone: +34 616 891 359 - Peter Jones




Serrania de Ronda - 1st in Europe for Raptors?


ruppells-vultureThe geographical location of the Serranía and Sierras makes it one of Europe's best areas for the concentration of raptors. The Serranía and Sierras have four breeding  bird species of eagle and many other raptors.
The importance of the area is recognized for the habitat it provides for so many breeding bird species. Apart from this, the area is also an important staging area in spring and autumn for spectacular numbers of migrant birds of prey. Indeed, being placed so near to the famous ‘Straits of Gibraltar’ the area is rich in passerine  bird species migrating to other parts in spring and autumn.
Even in winter, the area provides a temperate living quarter for many familiar summer birds of northern Europe. Whatever the time of year, the Serranía de Ronda and the Sierra de Grazalema is a must for any interested in birds and wildlife in general. Routes taken vary according to the weather, but in any event, the number of  bird species seen will be considerable!



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Do you consider a friendly atmosphere, comfort and relaxation, as well as value for money, an essential part of any well earned holiday? If you do, then all our birding and nature tours have been specifically designed to suit you!

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