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Spanish Nature are different from other Companies offering birding Holidays on the following important points:

High quality and comfort of accommodation, food, transport and all other aspects of the tour are as important to us as the birding itself.

We provide alternative programs. Spanish Nature understands that when a couple travel together, sometimes one has less interest in the actual birding and prefers to enjoy other aspects of the visited holiday destination.

Travelling together as friends, this is our philosophy, because we want to enjoy the tour as much as you and we also want to be an integral part of the group.

Our birding guides are of an extremely high standard, maybe this is not necessary to say, but of course we want to assure you, that you will really see all possible birds.

tibetanearedpheasant-smTibet is without doubt one of the most remarkable places in the whole of Asia and offers fabulous views of monasteries, breathtaking high-altitude treks, stunning views of the world's highest mountains and some of the friendliest people anywhere on the planet. Often referred as the "Roof of the World" most of this province is made up of an immense upland plateau whose altitude ranges from 4000 to 5000 metres. Although it is China's second largest province it's population is a relatively miniscule 2.7 million.  Tibet is also an excellent place for bird watching. Almost 500 species of birds have been reported in Tibet and about 18 nature reserves have been established. Now you have the chance to visit Tibet. Come with us to China and book this fantastic pre-extension birding tour.

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avocet1Peter Jones, our senior guide, has added 2 new day tour destinations to our itinerary here in Spain. Always an excellent day tour in the mountains of the Serranía de Ronda, Peter has now added 2 additional options for his many regular friends who might want a change of scenery and different experience. Steppe and wetlands figure high amid the alternative habitats on these new day tours with Great Bustard, Black-winged Kite and many other sought after species high on the probable list of species likely to be seen on these new routes. With so many repeating their days on the tours of the Ronda mountains, Peter thought he ought to give some alternative suggestions to his friends!


harpy-eagle1As a pre-extension of our Ecuador tour – In the Middle of the World - we have organised a trip to the Amazonia de Ecuador. We will fly from Quito (30 minutes) to Coca, from Coca, following the Napo River down the eastern slope of the Andes,  we enter into the steamy tropical lowlands of the Ecuadorian Amazon, known as the Oriente.   Here we will stay for 3 nights in the Sacha Jungle Lodge.
From Sacha we will travel, again by boat, to Napo Lodge. Napo Wildlife Center is an Amazon rainforest lodge located within Yasuni National Park, Ecuador. The Napo Wildlife Center is a private reserve within Yasuní National Park. Ecuador's two most accessible parrot clay licks are located on Napo Wildlife Center land and Giant Otters inhabit the lake in front of this Amazon lodge. We would like to invite you to travel as friends with us on this "Recce" and share the excitement of discovering the Amazonia of Ecuador. The pricing is based on real costs. Interested?

masked-trogonBirding Holiday News. Or probably more correctly Birding News for Birders! We have published our latest Newsletter and this edition includes articles of interest not just for Birdwatchers, but also news on some of our latest Birding Tours. Featured this month is an article on Trogons (Trogonidae) and how we are promoting the search for the ‘very’ elusive Slender-billed Curlew. Birding Holidays described include Birding in Morocco and also Birdwatching in The Strait of Gibraltar, also our recently organised Birding Tour to Morocco for Andalucia Bird Society gets a review!


pieter1Nature Photography Tour to Ecuador! For a real opportunity to photograph the wonderful birds and general nature of Ecuador we are offering a unique holiday for all interested in nature photography.  The whole tour is designed to allow time to photograph all aspects of nature in Ecuador, but of course especially the birds and flora. With our specialist photographer Pieter Verheij leading the tour, participants are sure to get a lot from the experience and discuss aspects of nature photography with other like-minded enthusiasts..Why not join us?

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white-necked-jacobinOur next birdwatching tour to Costa Rica. We start our  birding holiday in Costa Rica on 2nd February 2010 and if our past experiences are anything to go by, then this promises to be one of the main highlights in our Birding holiday tour calendar. There are a few remaining places and we advise booking soon in order to avoid disappointment. This birdwatching holiday  runs from 2nd to 15th February with options to extend your stay both before and after the main tour dates. This birdwatching tour is especially tailored to give a relaxing holiday and with options to either join-in on our walks or simply opt out and enjoy the surroundings. Guaranteed an experience of a lifetime, so do please join us. See full details here.



Do you consider a friendly atmosphere, comfort and relaxation, as well as value for money, an essential part of any well earned holiday? If you do, then all our birding and nature tours have been specifically designed to suit you!

If you require further information please Contact Us or telephone: +34 636 291 714
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