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Spanish Nature are different from other Companies offering birding Holidays on the following important points:

High quality and comfort of accommodation, food, transport and all other aspects of the tour are as important to us as the birding itself.

We provide alternative programs. Spanish Nature understands that when a couple travel together, sometimes one has less interest in the actual birding and prefers to enjoy other aspects of the visited holiday destination.

Travelling together as friends, this is our philosophy, because we want to enjoy the tour as much as you and we also want to be an integral part of the group.

Our birding guides are of an extremely high standard, maybe this is not necessary to say, but of course we want to assure you, that you will really see all possible birds.

elephant1Our Kenya tour begins! It’s August and it sees the beginning of our tour to Kenya. It is a fantastic destination with around 1,089 species of bird; of course the tour has been scheduled at this time of year to coincide with the spectacular animal migration in the Masai Mara National Reserve. The wildlife in Kenya has to rate among the very best and the range of habitats help to make Kenya one of the natural wonders of the world. Our tour will see such an incredible variety of birds, from the largest in the world the Ostrich to the wonder of thousands of Lesser Flamingo painting the landscape pink. Why not join our tour in 2010?


blue-headed-bee-eaterI have to confess to feeling very jealous writing this latest article. I am sat in front of my computer whilst Pieter is leading a wonderful tour to Kenya. The tour party arrived in Nairobi on the 3rd of August and have a couple of nights close to Nairobi National Park, where they are certain to see Black Rhino in its natural surroundings. The park also has around 400 different species of birds, so I imagine they are all excited at that prospect. On the 5th they will make their way to Serena Mountain Lodge, which is a midway point from Nairobi and the next destination Samburu Game Reserve. As usual the tour is easy paced and the stopover at Serena (situated on the lower slopes of Mt. Kenya) gives a relaxed journey from Nairobi with time to take opportunities to see wildlife en route. The lodge also has the added attraction of a waterhole right in front of the main accommodation, where Elephant and other animals come for water and salt. The tour party are able to take their time before leaving for Samburu by mid-morning. Never one to miss opportunities they will be able to see plenty of birds along their way and arrive in time to wander the grounds of Sambura Serena Lodge.

cheetahThe reserve at Samburu is one of the most exciting in East Africa, so little wonder the tour will stay here for 3 nights. Each day spent here will offer both birds and game watching, I can almost feel the excitement from here! Sambura Mountain Lodge is situated on the fertile banks of the Uaso Nyiro River, in the centre of the Samburu National Reserve. All guest rooms have private verandas with uninterrupted vistas of the languid river and the wildlife it attracts. Just a few of the many possibilities for mammals are Olive Baboon, Black-faced Vervet Monkey, Dwarf Mongoose, Striped Hyena, Grevy's Zebra, Reticulated Giraffe, Kirk's Dikdik, Common Waterbuck, Gerenuk and the magnificent Beisa Oryx. So with the abundant birdlife and tranquil surroundings this area has just about everything our fellow travellers need. Oh, and I almost forgot, overlooking the outdoor swimming pool and the meandering Uaso Nyiro River, the open air dining room serves guests sumptuous international menus, buffets and barbecues alongside authentic African dishes.

Ah ha, an early morning for our group, deserved in my opinion for having too good a time! The 9th of August the group will travel to Sarova Lion Hill Lodge (Lake Nakuru National Park). The journey will allow time to search for several key species along the way. A large rocky escarpment en route is a favourite roosting spot for the Mackinder's Eagle Owl and with some lilac-breasted-rollerluck they should be able to locate this highly sought-after species. In the afternoon the group will arrive at Lake Nakuru National Park. They will stay two nights in The Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge. Set on a plateau in the Rift valley, at an elevation above Lake Nakuru, The Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge has 67 chalets all overlooking the lake, within the Lake Nakuru National Park. When conditions are right, between one and two million lesser and greater flamingos feed around the shores of the shallow soda lake, together with tens of thousands of other birds. Exploring the Acacia woodland and the lakeside marshes will no doubt reveal many wonderful avian delights. The next destination is a fresh-water lake in the north called Lake Baringo. Here the combination of a large lake in semi-desert country and the nearby Baringo cliffs provide the perfect habitat for a great diversity of bird life. Above all Baringo means birds, birds and more birds. Over 460 species have been recorded here. Lake Baringo is a Mecca for bird watchers and a highlight of the ornithology circuit of East Africa. The group then go on from here to Lake Naivasha Country Club; the Club is located in The Great Rift Valley which is 100 km from Nairobi. The hotel offers a wonderful mix of tranquillity in serene surroundings and a varied number of sporting activities both for the energetic and more laid back. Lake Naivasha is just over an hour’s drive from Nairobi, and is a haven for bird-watchers, nature lovers, artists and a peaceful scenic retreat. Here they will make an exciting boat trip on Lake Naivasha.

On this particular trip all the guests are opting for the tour extension to the Masai Mara Reserve. So we will wait and see how they all got on and how much they enjoyed their trip. One advantage for me is that Pieter, not me, will have to do the trip report.

Right then, I'm done with writing this article, I’m off to Kenya!!!

To view the tour details and itinerary go to Kenya Tour



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