foto1Doñana and Huelva Province

The province of Huelva is always ready to create unforgettable memories: the flight of cranes at dawn, the music of a waterfall by a footpath, the mysticism of a Moorish fortress, the gliding of a giant black vulture over our heads, the man who never existed, the last beam of sunlight of Andalusia, the announcement of the spring arrival by bee-eaters or the challenging look of a fighting bull are a minimal example of everything what Nature and the charming corners of Huelva offer us.


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Coto Doñana is located in South-western Spain between the provinces of Seville, Cadiz and Huelva, though most of its territory is in the latter. Its privileged nature has granted world renown to it. At present there are near 110.000 hectares protected between National Park and Nature Reserve. For thousands of years humans have been living in the area and have transformed the landscape, creating the current Doñana.
The diversity of habitats gives cover to a varied community of wildlife, some of which are seriously danger of extinction worldwide, like the Spanish Imperial Eagle or the Iberian Lynx.
The beach and the dunes, the woods, the lakes and creeks are some of the typical ecosystems here, though, it is the marshland the most extensive part of Doñana National Park and actually it is the one that gives worldwide importance to the area, on having been considered to be one of the most important wetlands in Europe.


Price details Birding Day - Tour:

Tour dates:

Every day, 7 days a week, all year round

Tour times:

From 09.00 am to 18.30 pm. Longer hours by arrangement.

Price 2013:

Standard Day Tour: 55 Euros p.p. (minimum 3 people or price equivelent 165 euro) maximum 8 persons a day.

Private tours: Exclusive private tours for up to 3 people: 175 euro per day (by arrangement)



Transport from and to your accommodation in the Huelva area, field equipment and bird checklist. VAT and insurance included also.


Costs for lunch and drinks.

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Maximum group size 8 persons. Bigger groups are welcome by arrangement

foto6Why choose a birding day trip with Spanish Nature?

  • A highly personalised guided birding day tour with a birding guide who enjoys the subject as much as you.
  • Through experienced birding guide, go straight to where the birds are, no wasted time!
  • Limited numbers of clients each day gives you the attention of the nature guide.
  • Expert or beginners welcomed.
  • Stopovers in any of the villages by majority consent!
  • Extra time added where requested by the majority of those on tour.

Plus...we treat you as friends sharing a common interest.




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Tour 1 Southern Doñana Area

foto2The best places to watch birds in the Doñana Area are on the surroundings of the National Park. We visit the Asperillo, a scrubland on old dunes to look for warblers. Then we go close to the river La Rocina which enters the "Marsh Mother" at El Rocio, an astonishing birding spot when it is wet. Nearby, there are several visitors´ centres with nice footpaths and hides where we will have a look at little and water birds.

Tour 2 Northern Doñana Area
foto3The best places to watch birds in the Doñana Area are on the surroundings of the National Park. We get to the Northern Doñana Area through farms, rice fields and marshlands close to the mouth of the river Guadalquivir. There is a long way to Valverde´s Visitors Centre by earth roads but it is worthy, especially in the wet season. Then we go to the "Dehesa de Abajo" near the rice fields where several species of water birds can be seen, including Marbled and White-headed Ducks.
Tour 3 Odiel Marshes Nature Reserve
foto4The Odiel Marshes Nature Reserve is the second largest wetland in Huelva province after Doñana and the most important tidal wetland in Spain. This area was created by the silt of the rivers Odiel and Tinto in which estuary we can find a paradise for the birdlife. This is a day out to the “Kingdom of the Tide” to look for waders, seabirds and water birds. By the road that connects some of the islands on the Odiel Marshes we can get to Anastasio Senra´s Visitors Centre and continue to have nice spots on the mudflats at the South. Then we go to El Portil to enjoy the scenery and birds from a sightseeing platform.
Tour 4 Andevalo and Sierra Pelada
foto5This full day trip is an ascent to the woody hills at the north of Huelva to watch raptors, small birds and other wildlife on the rocks, woods and scrubland. The main colony of Black Vulture in Andalucia is located in Sierra Pelada. On the way up we can look for Great and Little Bustards on the steppes as well as Great Spotted Cuckoo in the late Winter and Spring.



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