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golden-eagle juvenileIf you want to experience the real Spain or just escape from the hustle and bustle of the Costa’s, then come and enjoy a trip into the countryside of Granada Province. The nature tours are centered on the areas surrounding the City of Granada and in the Sierra Nevada. Just an hour from the coast, this area has a fantastic mix of different habitats for birds,  ranging from high mountain tops, reed beds, open water, woodland, scrub and agricultural plains. Granada Province has something for everyone, from the Birder just beginning and wishing to get to grips with the commoner birds, to the experienced Bird Watcher looking for those hard to find bird species. Whatever your level of experience the local birding guide will be able to take you to the best birding sites, so that the beginner can see as wide a range of bird species as possible and the more experienced birder can catch up with that elusive and sought after species!


Price details Birding Day - Tour:

Tour dates:

Every day, 7 days a week, all year roundbeeeater

Tour times:

From 10.00 am to 17.00 pm. Longer hours by arrangement.

Price 2013:

Standard Day Tour: 165 Euro minimum charge for up to 3 persons, 55 Euro per each extra person (maximum 8 persons)
Private tours: Exclusive private tours minimum price (based on up to 3 persons) of 175 Euro per day by arrangement


Free collection from your accommodation in the Granada area (15km radius), 4x4 transport, use of quality optical equipment


Costs for lunch and drinks. Meal time stop over at a "local" Restaurant.

Tour party:

Minimum 3 or 165 Euro, maximum 8 fellow travellers. Larger groups by prior arrangement
Private and exclusive tours by special arrangement only (see prices above)

mirror-orchidWhy choose a birding day trip with Spanish Nature?

  • A highly personalised guided birding day tour with a birding guide who enjoys the subject as much as you.
  • Through experienced birding guide, go straight to where the birds are, no wasted time!
  • Limited numbers of clients each day gives you the attention of the nature guide.
  • Expert or beginners welcomed.
  • Stopovers in any of the villages by majority consent!
  • Extra time added where requested by the majority of those on tour.

Plus...we treat you as friends sharing a common interest.




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Province Granada - Birds and much more.

rollerBecause of the wide range of habitats the area has to offer, the number of  bird species that may be seen is high and in just a single day several habitats can be visited. Some of the most interesting  bird species are found at higher altitudes in the local Sierras including Alpine Accentor, Rock Bunting, Rock Sparrow, Black Wheatear and (Rufous-tailed) Rock Thrush. Raptor’s are a regular feature on the bird watching tours, 4 species of eagle, harriers, kites and most of the smaller bird species have all been recorded. We are fortunate to have small populations of steppe species still breeding in the province including Roller, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Little Bustard & Stone Curlew, all of which are rare and difficult to find. Most people visit the area during the spring and summer but the winter also brings some interesting birds to the area. On the agricultural land in the river valleys around the city of Granada some small flocks of Little Bustards can be found, usually numbering between 150 and 200 and Stone Curlews which can near the 1000 mark.

red-veined-darter-imm maleNot just for the Birder! The whole area abounds with wild flowers, 2000+ species (many endemic to this part of Spain) and orchids. Butterflies (also with several endemic species and sub species listed) are seen in all habitats and in all months of the year. Mammals, dragonflies, reptiles and amphibians are all represented in good numbers. Interesting species are virtually guaranteed, though of course time of year and the weather, will dictate the number and type of species you will see. The range of habitats in this area is of such importance that many of the sites visited are located in Natural or National Parks. Details upon request.



Do you consider a friendly atmosphere, comfort and relaxation, as well as value for money, an essential part of any well earned holiday? If you do, then all our birding and nature tours have been specifically designed to suit you!

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