ocellated-lizardWe are still in the midst of compiling our reptile and amphibian checklist. As with other wildlife in our area, research and data collection is ongoing. If you are able to add any species to our list, please do not hesitate to use the contact us page on this site.

In the meantime we hope this list proves useful to visitor and researcher alike. The list is printable and can be used as a source of reference whilst in this area. We would be grateful for any sighting reports and ask for details such as location, habitat and activity. Please also include the date of the sighting/s. If it is easier, why not use the ABS Forum to report your sightings? If you are planning to visit in the future, then the Forum is also a place to ask for information. Membership of this Forum is free!

Family / Cientifico/Scientific Name Nombre Inglés / English Name Nombre Español / Spanish Name

Pleurodeles waltl Pleurodele Newt Gallipatosalamander
Salamandra salamandra Southern Salamander Salamandra Común
Triturus boscai Boscás’ Newt Tritón Ibérico
Triturus marmoratus Marbled Newt Tritón Jaspeado

Alytes obstetricans Midwife Toad Sapo Partero Común
Discoglossus galganoi Painted Frog Sapillo Pintojo

Pelobates cultripes Southern Mud Frog Sapo de Espuelas

Pelodytes punctatus Spotted Mud Frog Sapillo Moteado

Bufo Bufo Southern Toad Sapo Común
Bufo calamitu Natterjack Toad Sapo Corredor
Bufo virdis Green Toad Sapo Verde

Hyla meridionalis Canary Islands Hyla Ranita Meridional

Rana perezi Marsh Frog Rana Comúnturtle

Emys orbicularis European Pond Tortoise Galápago Europeo
Mauremys leprosa Spanish Terrapin Galápago Leproso

Hemidactylus turcicus Turkish Gecko Salamanquesa Rosada
Tarentola mauritanica Moorish Gecko Salamanquesa Común

Acanthodactylus erythrurus Spine-Footed Lizard Lagartija Colirroja
Lacerta lepida Ocellated Lizard Lagarto Oceladowall-lizard
Podarcis hispanica Southern Wall Lizard Lagartija Ibérico
Psammodromus algirus Algerian Sand Lizard Lagartija Colilarga
Psammodromus hispanicus Spanish Sand Lizard Lagartija Cenicienta

Chalcides bedriagai Sand Skink Eslizón Ibérico
Chalcides chalcides Three-Toed Skink Eslizón Tridáctilo

Blanus cinereus Grey-Borrowing Lizard Culebrilla Ciega

Coluber hippocrepis Horseshoe Snake Culebra de Herradura
Coronella girondica Southern Smooth Snake Culebra Lisa Meridional
Elaphe scalaris Ladder Snake Culebra de Escalera
Macroprotodon cucullatus Hooded Snake Culebra de Cogulla
Malpolon monspessulanus Montpellier Snake Culebra Bastarda
Natrix maura Water Snake Culebra Viperina
Natrix natrix Spanish Grass Snake Culebra de Collar

Vipera latasti Latastes’ Viper Vibora Holicula



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