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A journey into Steppe country









At a time when winter has the northern and central areas of Europe firmly in its grip
, here in the most southerly area of Spain, a mild climate attracts many birds to spend this time of year resting and recuperating from their busy summer breeding seasons.
An area that attracts many species is the flat and open steppe country which surrounds the historic town of Osuna. Here a combination of open country and lagoons provide a particularly appealing wintering ground for many species migrating from the far north, perhaps the most spectacular being the Common Crane, a huge bird that travels here in family groups and join together in flocks on the open plains. Many wildfowl and wading birds congregate in large numbers, joining those remaining in the area from the hot summer months such as Greater Flamingo.






Large and open areas make for easy viewing for such resident species as Calandra Lark, where large flocks roam the cereal fields during winter; these are joined by the wintering flocks of various finch species and Corn Bunting, whilst good numbers of Spanish Sparrow can be found near to old farm ruins which are plentiful in the area. Here we can find the surprisingly hard to locate Great Bustard, for such a large bird this species is elusive, but always a possibility on a day spent touring the countryside around Osuna. Little Bustard and Black-bellied Sandgrouse are other elusive, but ever present birds of this steppe region.






Another feature of the area is its attraction for various raptors, here resident species such as Common Buzzard and Black-winged Kite see their ranks increased by wintering birds and these are joined by Merlin, Hen Harrier and Red Kite. Whilst other wandering and dispersing juvenile birds are regularly seen over the more open areas such as Black Vulture, Bonelli’s and Spanish Imperial Eagle. Griffon Vulture, Lesser Kestrel and Peregrine are seen throughout the year. Major prey and in particular Rabbit and Red-legged Partridge are common and most likely explain the presence of the larger raptors being seen here during the winter months.

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